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Personal data

:: Address:
Milivoja Perovica 3/11, 11160 Mirijevo, Belgrade,SR

:: Tel. Number:
(+381) 66 820 3001
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:: Citizenship:

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Profesional membership
:: European Academy of Science 
:: Hellenic Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics  
:: Yu Society for PE, Serbian Society for Soil
:: Mechanics and Foundations
:: Serbian chamber of Engineers

:: Serbian
:: English
:: Russian
Dragoslav ©umarac

:: 1974-79
University of Belgrade,  Civil Engineering Department (with a Dipl. Eng. degree 5 years req.), Major: Structures, Average grade: 9.51 / 10
:: 1980-83
University of Belgrade, Civil Engineering Department (with a 2 years. req.), Major: Thermoelasticity, Average grade:10/10
:: 1985-87
University of Illinois at Chicago, department CEMM, USA
Major:  Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Average grade: 4.93/5

Employment record:
:: 26.11.2007. - present
PTT-Post of Serbia
President of Managing board of Public Enterprise PTT-Post of Serbia

:: 28.03.2007. - present
Serbian Chamber of Engineers
President of Serbian Chamber of Engineers

:: 25.01.2001. - 03.03.2004.
Ministry of Urban Planning and Construction
Minister for urbanism and construction, Serbian Government, Prime minister dr Zoran Djindjic

:: 1979 - present
University of Belgrade, Department of Civil Engineering
:: 1979- 88: Lecturer,
:: 1988- 93: Assistant Professor, 
:: 1993- 98: Associated Professor,
:: 1998-present: Full Professor; Course taught: Mechanics, Fracture Mechanics, Plasticity, Energy Efficiency

:: University of Illinois at Chicago, Department CEMM, 1985-1987, USA  Research  assistant and graduate student (advisor prof.  Dusan  Krajcinovic).  Research  in Damage Mechanics.

:: University of Illinois at Chicago, Department CEMM, USA 1988 (3 mon.), 1989 (3 mon.), Postdoctoral fellow

:: Arizona State University, Dep. MEA, 1991-1992 (one yaear), USA, Visiting scholar

:: Prize of  the Assembly  of the City of Belgrade  for research:  "20 October", (with  Prof D. Krajcinovic) for  the  book "Elements of Fracture Mechanics",1990.

:: Prize of the Chamber of the City of Belgrade  (for Master's deg. work), 1984.

:: Prize "Dr R. Stojanovic" for the  best  paper, YU Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics,  V. Banja 1988. Books:

:: D. Sumarac, D. Krajcinovic, Elements  of  Fracture Mechanics, (InSerbian) Naucna knjiga, Beograd, 1990.

:: R.Cukic, N.N. Veljkovic, D. Sumarac, Thermoelasticity, (In Serbian), Mecha. Engineering, University of Belgrade, 1993. International journals:

:: Associated editor for the International Journal of DAMAGE MECHANICS (Techn. publ. comp., USA) Advisor:

:: For the M.Sc. degree (two students): Sasa Stosic and Nina Kordic,

:: For PhD degree (two students): Lenart Djerdj 1996., Ljudmila Kudrjavceva 2007.

:: 103 publicatiouns, more than 40 in International jorurnals.

SCI index:
:: More than 254 citations (SCI Index) within  the period 1988-2009.

Design experience:
:: Engaged in the design of concrete and steel structures in Serbia, Russia, Irak, Algeria.